About the visit of the famous American archeologist Michael Cremo
/ About the visit of the famous American archeologist Michael Cremo

About the visit of the famous American archeologist Michael Cremo  

On the November 18, 2008 the regular session of the Nizhny Novgorod city’s Philosophical society took place in the Nizhny Novgorod State University. The famous American archeologist Michael Cremo made his report to the members of the Philosophical society.

The impressions of one of the participant of this event.

Do Scientists Need the Truth?

(about the visit of the famous American archeologist Michael Cremo to Nizhny Novgorod and his report at a session of the Nizhny Novgorod city’s Philosophical society)

On the November 18, 2008 the small audience of the Nizhny Novgorod University was packed full – not only scientists-philosophers, but laymen too came to listen to the reporter. The interest in this figure is clearly understood, because he is the author of such interesting and translated into many languages books as Human Devolution: a Vedic Alternative to Darwin ‘s Theory, The Hidden History of The Human Race and others. He is one of the great figures among the group of scientists in Russia and in other countries, who writes about the ancient history of the humanity and about interesting artifacts, arguing the fact of existence of man millions years ago.

Even flipping through the books being on sale at the session and the information the reporter was speaking about, convinced the author of this paper of the fundamentalism of his work. But Michael Cremo paid his attention especially on the idea of the structure of the world. His drawback was attempt to trespass the territory of philosophy. The triad suggested by him “matter-mind-consciousness” seemed to the audience not enough correct and philosophically founded.

Just these weak aspects of the report were noticed by the present professors, who showered the reporter with a lot of critical notes. It was difficult to understand each other because the interpreter could not translate everything. But they did not notice the important facts that were impossible to deny. There were two most important facts: the presence of the artifacts and the “selection” of the facts and knowledge by the group of scientists and by society, that makes it impossible for the men to have an objective picture of the world. We could see how the law of “filter of the consciousness” worked. The “traditional scientists” were sure of their “materialistic truth”, and in the truth of Darvin’s theory. But only a few people know that Darvin himself considered the laws of the development of the life to be ruled by some Spiritual Power.

The influence of the beyond-scientific orientation on the scientific theories is evident. For instance, Russian philosopher Aleksey Losev proved that any scientist founded his theories on some a priori directives. But these directives might not be correct. And the true scientist must have his doubts about it. The society that considers the philosophy to be some “addition” to the official science can not get real philosophy, because science can not explain the essence of the things, and only philosophy has some possibilities to do it.

The author of this article is sure that, for example, if famous Russian philosopher Vladimir Soloviev had been alive today, he would have been considered as “a weird person”. The representatives of “official science” would look at him with suspicion and disapproval as to the pseudo-scientist , who tried to make some synthesis of so different for the positivist consciousness things as science, philosophy and religion.

The meeting with Michael Cremo bring its representatives to the discussion of the most important themes, because the discussion of the “volume” themes discloses the difference of the world outlook systems.

The author of this article with great interest keeps an eye on the mechanism of “the filter of the consciousness” that forces the person to eliminate the “unnecessary” things. But true scientist and even every thinking man must be ready to change the basis of his existence. Because the true scientist must not deny real facts (FACTS!) only because they do not step in the “traditional order”, and to deprive of the men the right for information. Because the facts can neither kill the true theory nor damage it.

Anastasia Shulyndina,
Ph. D., philosophy
Secretary of the Nizhny Novgorod section of the Russian Philosophical Society
Volgo-Viatsky Public Administration Academ

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